Work Packages

Our methodological approach spans seven work packages, with one or two individuals with expertise in the theme leading each work package. Many of these individuals are relatively junior researchers who are supported in their leadership roles through defined mentoring relationships with senior academics. We believe this is a critically important aspect of iRISE to help address issues of Open RRI (responsible research and innovation), EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion), and to support the developing careers of researchers.


Work packages 1 to 5 will generate data that will be curated and disseminated by WP6 to provide an integrated and holistic summary and framework for identifying, predicting, evaluating, and implementing effective practical tools, actions, and activities to increase the reproducibility of scientific results. Progress will be overseen by the consortium Steering Committee and coordinated by Sena and McCann (WP7). We will engage with stakeholders to co-create resources and our Stakeholder Forum will provide strategic scientific advice to advance our aims and to ensure our output is fit for purpose and useful for the community

iRISE Structure and Overall Strategy

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